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Geospatial. Research. Development. Virtual Reality.
Reseller of mapping data.
Synthesis Technologies Be there
before being there

Our Mission

To make it quick and easy to understand any situation in any location.

Traditionally, advanced geospatial analytics have been the domain of specialists. We design simple tools that anyone can use.

The physical world is not just a top-down 2D map. It has three dimensions, and it changes over time. We strive to make it easy and fast for anyone to bring in scans of the real world, and to understand any location at any time. To be there before being there, meaning to understand how it feels to get your bearings standing on a street corner, before you’ve ever set foot in the same city, country, or continent.

We play well with others, embracing open data formats and standards. Use Synth Maps to make sense of massive 3D point cloud data using a standard web browser.

Industry & Research Partners

We work with some of Australia's leading research institutions do develop cutting edge tools to help you analyse and plan in our 3D world. We are an authorised HERE reseller.

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We are a HERE reseller.

Our Value

Synth is a research & development company, working with some of Australias leading research institutions. We are a authorised HERE reseller.

Efficient Processing

Process data in near real-time. Auto combine, align and visualise scans, videos, photos and more.

Many Formats

Upload data and let Synth Maps use your data to create a 3D representation of the real-world.

Challenging Conventions

Empower and connect with stakeholders by consuming and visualising data from many formats.

Improved Processes

Simplifies data curation, saving you time and money. Brings to life the real situation, detecting changes over time.

Rapid Visualisation

Rapid Visualisation and streaming of massive reality-3D datasets in a web browser or in VR. Synth Maps is a mixed-reality solution, it is the next generation of immersion for mission planning, rehearsal, reconnaissance and simulation.

Affordable Digital Twin

Lower the cost of managing 3D data.

Multiple Data Sets

Overlay data from multiple sources.


Same experience on the web & offline.


Immerse yourself using Virtual Reality.

Geospatial. Research. Development. Virtual Reality.

Say Hello

We're an exciting startup helping people and organisations make sense of our 3D world. We strive for technical excellence through continuous delivery, working remotely throughout Australia. Want to know more, we'd love to hear from you!